Deerspiration: Flat sandals

This week I'm inspired by flat sandals. It's spring and the summer is coming soon. I've spotted a lot of people in the city already with flat sandals on. I just love these type of shoes because they're so simple but yet so edgy.

I'm in love with these two pair of sandals, especially the Mamut shoes by Sacro. The black and white leather combination is such divine. The white Charli Gladiators from Boohoo are simple but so cute, a real musthave!

This Zara Bio sandal is real eye candy, the design is stunning. Perfect in combination with long skirts and a cute pair of socks!


Beauty and health: Strawberry banana pancakes

Today I made delicious fruit pancakes with apple butter. Maybe not the most healthy recipe in the world, but sometimes a little sin isn't that bad! Isn't it pretty? Luckily the strawberries and bananas are healthy. The strawberry is almost the most healthy fruit, with rich of vitamin C. Also with vitamin A, B1, B2, sodium and calcium. And then the banana, not only yum, but they help against hangovers too! They also bring you a good mood and a lot of energy. Go banana go!


Deerspiration: Sunglasses

This week's inspiration is all about sunglasses. Blue skies, icecream and a bright shining sun, you can't miss a hot pair of sunglasses! 


So transparant and we love it! These two models are so edgy and fit every outfit! A real must have!

Last but not least, the cat eye! Spice up these hot days with a pair of cat eye sunglasses and you're good to go. You can't miss these ones!


New in: Black and metallic

This two new items just came in. I love it so much! Metallic is totally hot this season. I love the detail of the white in combination with metallic, makes it so edgy! The black and white leather bag is a real must have. This Scandinavian design is real eye candy! Want this bag too? Then go to: http://oldschoolbags.nl/store/black-white/


Beauty and health: Cucumber chicken salad with avocado

Salads, they're always good! This morning I made a cucumber chicken salad with fresh rocker, straight out of the garden!  This time no unhealthy sauces, but sprinkled with lime! That little sprinkle of lime is not only delicious, it's also a fresh healing power with your daily vitamin c. The sharp tasty rocker, rich in vitamin k and cucumber with your daily need of antioxidants. And at least the avocado, THE vitamin bomb!


DIY: Bionic cups

This week I reached over the 1500 fans on Lookbook! So I decided to make a special DIY, my very own bionic cups! It's easy to make an own cup and it's really fun too! Do you have a marker and plain cups? Are you bored? Well then is this DIY perfect for you.

And voila, done! So bionic!


Deerspiration: Metallic

This week's inspiration is all about metallic, a little metallic adds just that little edgyness!

These bomber jackets are a real must have in your wardrobe, especially the Jonathan Saunders jacket on the first photo! It's shiny, it's cool and what's not to love?

And the last one! These shorts are real eye candy, don't you think? Well I certainly love it.